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TNA400 Y
Traub TNA300 I ueberholt (NEU)
Traub TNA300 II

Proking 630mm
Traub TFT kompatibel
SK 90 BZ
TNS65/80 Synchronspindel Gegenspindel Abgreifspindel
Spanntop BZI Hainbuch D=90

centralizer / Centring devices / V- machine

Get rid of expensive chuck!!!

  • Position fixing instead of expensive setup

  • Quick, cost-effective positioning

  • Mounting has never been so quick before

  • In addition, internal positioning with special jaws makes even smaller production runs profitable!

  • Round and hexagonal from 10 - 80 mm. (Special sizes on request)

  • A variety of sections can be positioned with special jaws

  • Workpieces of low height can be easily machined

  • Special jaws with plug connector for adjusting to larger parts

  • Low overall heights of approx. 23 mm (resting height approx. 19 mm)

  • Resting height of the workpiece being machined can be kept low thus providing good support!

  • No program management for parts of the timed belt are necessary as the centre point need not be calculated.

  • It is possible to locate workpieces in collet chucks with stopper for depth control (even with jaw chucks)

  • Cut-off burr or piercing slug possible up to 4 mm long.

  • Time cycle can be shortened!

  • Low maintenance requirements!

  • Quick and cost-effective positioning!