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DNC Software

Description of our DNC software

Our V24Link program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 helps you to manage NC programs for a wide range of machines and their transfer to and from any connected machines.

Graphic representation of all machines:

The machined are displayed on your monitor just as they are arranged in your plant.






Each machine can be configured separately. Directories for incoming and outgoing data can, for example, be set and adjusted separately.


 Machine-generated data names can be set individually.

Starting from the "Light with SAF" version, the software comes with a "send request" (Sendeanforderung). Programs can now called up via the machine, thus making a trip to the PC a thing of the past.


All machine and program-specific parameters are protected by an individually programmable password, thus ensuring that only authorised staff has access to this data.

Password in the demo version:"cnc"





30-day demo version (fully functional) [Download], 1.65 MB

Their manual as PDF [Download].