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Proking 630mm


We have all experienced it, we all hate it.

Very fine chips block the coolant lines during CNC machine operation, costing time, money and nerves. Quite frankly, how much production time do you lose, year in year out, on cleaning operations or tool breakage because the interruption of the coolant flow? That is now a thing of the past.

 It is all taken care of by the new Powerfilter.

Chips and other foreign particles are filtered out of each coolant circuit thoroughly and reliably by the Powerfilter. It hardly needs any room and can be retrofitted quickly and easily between the coolant pump and tool holding device.

The Powerfilter functions ingeniously simple with interchangeable filters. This consists of an extremely hard-wearing special fabric with a filter surface area of 140,000 mm². The filter size lies between 5 and 100µ. The standard filter size used is 30µ.

This ingenious coolant filter is a reliable, sensible, good value for money alternative to conventional systems such as centrifuges or band filter units. With a length of just 520 mm and a diameter of only 100 mm, it can even prevent blockages on your CNC machine caused by chips and other foreign particles. All you have to do is change the filter once a month - nothing could be easier.

See for yourself and decide in favour of the Powerfilter today. You will be delighted!