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Synchronising Traub NC-programs

Synchronising NC programs

A further special feature of the V24Link data transfer software is the synchronisation editor, which is, however, only available with the fully licensed version ("Light without SAF" or above)..

Synchronised editing offers a simple and convenient facility for changing or setting NC programs for CNC lathes with 2 revolvers. With the aid of synchronisation symbols and gap lines, it is possible to plot separate NC program components, which are to run concurrently, next to one another. The synchronisation procedure is initiated manually in each respective case. In addition, up to a maximum of 5 address letters can be highlighted in colour.

Originally the editor was developed for TRAUB CNC machines with 2 revolvers and a Tx8D control system. The wide range of settings, however, also allow editing of other NC programs for other control systems (the settings cited below refer to a Tx8D control system):